I’ve been diligently working on my cutting board.  By diligently working, I mean mostly slacking off.  I figured out belt sanders are amazing.  Dad used me as an excuse to buy a new one.  Of course, being the good daughter that I am I decided to test it out.  By test it out I mean I broke a belt within the first 20 mins of using it.  So a new belt, and I was off to the races.  Belt sanders can do amazing things, even in the hands of the unskilled.  After sanding I used a router to round the edges of the board.  Well, I messed up the edges and Dad fixed it, but it’s really the same thing when you think about it.  I’m learning here.


My cell doesn’t take the best photos, but you get the point.  A little fine sanding and a coat of Mineral oil did wonders.


The mineral oil is food safe.  So, it works well on cutting boards.

One final note on the Mineral Oil:

It will find and enhance any mistake…I mean character enhancement….in your piece.  Maybe I should have done a bit more sanding.

Almost finished…